Increased Employment & Two Shift Work by Borsan Cavi

Having moved its custom low voltage cable manufacturing plant from Italy to Samsun in 2017, Borsan Group now adopted two-shift working arrangement increasing the employment in its production operations which focus on export.

Invested in its manufacturing plant, Borsan Group relocated its plants located in Gebze and Milano, Italy to Samsun. Borsan Group has achieved a great operational advantage having brought 5 manufacturing plants to a single location and the company exports 70% of its production. Adnan Ölmez, Chairman of the Board of Borsan Group, stated that Borsan Cavi will be increasing its competitive advantage in the European market, using its operational advantage to decrease the production costs. Mr. Ölmez said that they have doubled the number of shifts and increased the employment in their manufacturing plant and noted that their new manufacturing plant which was commissioned in 2016 is designed to manufacture custom low voltage cables for several sectors such as robotics, telecommunication, medical, space, defense and others. Mr. Ölmez said that the relocation to Samsun was not easy for Borsan Cavi, a licensed supplier for more than 180 manufacturers including the European Organization for Nuclear Research known as CERN.

Technical Personnel Shortage

“Borsan Cavi is a supplier for state-owned communication infrastructure in Europe and the company holds the technical know-how of more than 80,000 products,” said Mr. Ölmez, Chairman of the Board of Borsan Group, having noted that the relocation has a tragicomic story behind it including the union-related processes in Italy. “We have relocated our production lines to Samsun in order to reduce our production costs and to maintain our competitive advantage in the European market. Our storage, marketing and sales offices continue their operations in Milano, Italy. We are glad to leave behind the relocation process and we are now operating at full capacity in a two-shift work setting. Adnan Ölmez further stated that they have set targets for the 100th anniversary of the Republic, and that they need qualified workforce if they are to meet these targets, and said: “I believe this is the biggest shortcoming of the industrial production at the moment and it is a significant loss of time and capital for all of us.”  

Borsan Group Grows 38%

A manufacturer of furniture, copper cables, aluminium cables, custom low voltage cables, electrical appliances, and LED lighting products, Borsan Group recorded a growth of 38% in 2017 in terms of its turnover and Mr. Ölmez noted that this was not a real growth and said: “The growth in turnover does not represent the volume and it is a product of increased raw material prices or the fluctuating exchange rate. And, we place more importance on our profitability and not our turnover. When it comes to profitability, we cannot say that 2017 was a good year. Unfortunately, this was the case for the industry as a whole for the recent years. Building on these numbers, we can say that the reason behind our focus on different product group is to improve our profitability. We are going to focus on finding new markets in 2018.” Mr. Ölmez also added that Borsan entered the LED products segment of the lighting sector in 2017 with their brand, Borled, and that they are willing to increase their market share in the markets they are operating in with sectorial fair participations, especially in Dubai and Frankfurt.
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