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The News newspaper, founded in 2005, is the best-selling daily newspaper in the region with its news center infrastructure and expert staff.

With 16-unit web printing technology, the news newspaper, which is one of the leading companies in this area of Turkey, has established a reliable place in the sector with its experienced employees. It is a regional newspaper with the highest circulation and sales rate in Samsun, including widespread newspapers. The News newspaper is one of the three newspapers which has the highest circulation in Turkey as a regional newspaper.

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We are in Turkcell Dergilik

The Haber newspaper, one of Turkey’s largest regional newspapers, received the most widely read newspaper in Turkcell Dergilik with 24 widespread newspapers!

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It is our application that is connected to our website, which makes instant news and shares from Samsun and Turkey. As a news newspaper, we are careful to make news by complying with impartial, accurate and ethical rules.

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