Borsan Cable

Fields of Activity

We are proud of being one of the Turkey’s 500 biggest industrial companies. 

Borsan Kablo is producing , copper conductor, aluminium conductor, low voltage power cables, telecom cables, installation cables and lighting products. Borsan Kablo is capable of producing their own PVC formulas in their own facilities. We widen our product range every year with sustainable investments.

Production Facilities

In Samsun, our production facilities with a closed area of 75 thousand square meters annually 1200 tons of copper melting, 2000 tons of aluminum melting capacity and technology with the latest facilities are making production.

Borsan Cable

Quality and Sustainability

Borsan will always continue to be the leading brand, which creates a difference with its quality, grows confidently with strategic investments, and is proudly transported to the future.
As Borsan cable, we follow global quality standards to provide you with the highest quality product, and even lead these standards with our R & D studies. Click to review our documents, CPR and DOP.

Copper Cable and Wire

Copper film rods manufactured in our upcast continuous casting plant conform to ASTM B 49 and DIN 17652 standards. A portion of the manufactured filtašas is used as input wire in our own wire drawing facility, the remaining part is sold in accordance with customer special requests. Single wire production from 0.15 mm to 3.50 mm is possible. Multi-stranded products with cold wire drawing method are manufactured in the range of up to 16 tele 0.15 – 0.49 mm at the same time and are wrapped in DIN 630 iron reels.
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Aluminium Cable and Wire

In our aluminum CCR Rod casting facility, the 9.5 mm and 12.5 mm monthly 1500 Ton aluminum Rod (foil) production is manufactured in accordance with international standards, as these products are used as input wires in our own wire drawing lines, as well as in the form of tight winding Our customers are packaged and sold. Aluminum wire Drawing facility is made of high quality aluminum wire thinning between 1.30 – 7.50 mm, the products manufactured here are used as input material of our wire bending machines, and the sale of 630 mm rollers when demanded Is.
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