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Business areas

Production of indoor and outdoor fixtures, LED lighting products, group sockets and installation materials

Borled is operating within the Borsan group, which continues its investments with the vision of sustainable growth in domestic and international lighting sector. Borled lighting, which has been operating in the production of LED lighting products in the year 2017, aims to increase leadership in the sector with the experience of modern technology and Borsan group.

Production facilities

Borled Lighting, which produces production and product designs in the 15,000 m² closed area of Samsun organized industrial zone, continues its activities with sales and marketing departments in Istanbul Perpa.

The address of the experience Borled

Quality and sustainability

Borled combines quality and productive production using the advantage of having the largest lighting products laboratory in the Black Sea.

The Borled Lighting Laboratory carries out measurements in accordance with TS EN 60598-1 (lighting fixtures Safety requirements) standard for indoor and outdoor lighting. The safety tests of the products, the photometric values of fixtures and lamps, the measurements of electrical, chemical and physical properties, and the periodic intermediate control and calibrations made on the devices ensure the highest level of product quality Kept.


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